What is VoIP anyway?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, which is basically the technical term for a phone call over the internet. If you never heard of Michigan VoIP or want to learn more about the technology, welcome to our Michigan VoIP resource site. The information contained in this site can be applied to all areas of the country, however Michigan VoIP is primarily focused on Michigan residents. There are basically 5 types of Michigan VoIP options, the most common would be the use of an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) descriptions of all 5 are located further down this page. One of the best business VoIP services is Ringcentral. If you need a cheaper price, you can get a Ringcentral coupon code from PromoCodeV.Com Continue reading

Sanyo 5300 Review

This CDMA phone is truly a wonder in itself. It features a dual color display and a digital camera (integrated) as if that wasn’t enough the Sanyo people have been able to ingeniously include a flash too , so no problems of ruining pictures due to inadequate light. The SCP 5300 features three different modes which include AMPS 800 / CDMA 800 / CDMA 1900. The phone is a flap type with light weight of approximately 117 gms. The dimensions are small, approximately 94mm x 48mm x 28m. The batter is a light weight Li-Ion type with a good standby of about 150 hours. The talk time is however a mediocre 2.70 hours which may be less for heavy cell phone users. Definitely a negative point against Sanyo.


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Sanyo 5150 Review

The flap type SCP 5150 certainly looks good with its two LCD’s. The second display location is in the front and allows you to identify the caller without having to open the flap. The company claims that the internal display (color) is a new improved version featuring support for upto 256 colors. The display has a size of 120×128 pixels. Again the antenna is of the stub / extendable type however it won’t be of much inconvenience since the overall size of the phone is not much. By way of dimensions the phone is a mere 94mm x 48mm x 28mm. The weight is also on the lighter side with 116 gms being added to your pocket when you carry the 5150 along with you. Continue reading

Dell 310-5402 Toner Cartridge Review

Dell is one of the most renowned multinational companies based on computer technology, headquartered in Round Rock, Texas, United States, that specializes in developing, repairing, selling computer related products and services. Founded by Michael Dell in 1984, Dell has established itself to be one of the biggest technological companies over the years with more than 100,000 individuals being employed worldwide. The company is listed as the third largest PC vendor in the world after Lenovo and HP. Some of its major competitors are Sony, Gateway, HP, Lenovo, IBM, Samsung, Apple, Toshiba etc. Continue reading

Apple iPhone 5c Review

What makes Apple iPhone 5c more popular?

With the passage of time, the Apple is looking forward to make the mobile world completely changed. It will not use something very special. They are using the unique technologies and programs to make the latest phones acceptable for the users. There are lots of examples for the readers. The users who have utilized the previous models of modern cell phones introduced by the Apple should consider the new releases. In most of the cases the users prefer to see the enchanting features and facilities. It is a common nature. Continue reading

Rebtel offers cheap and good quality service for international calls

Interacting using the world has ever been as easy as it has turn out to be with the advent of telecommunication and web technologies. It has become truly easy to communicate and get sufficient feed backs in swift time. But let you know what; it has never remained communicating simple task to achieve. But now days with the advent of systems like Rebtel it has become a real simple job to accomplish. You can communicate with your world in most sophisticated style today simply because of the addition of such technologies. Continue reading